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CNC prototype model making basics-Dongguan Foxron Precision Metal Parts Co., Ltd.


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CNC prototype model making basics

Source:Dongguan Foxron Precision Metal Parts Co., Ltd.Update:2013-12-31

    Basic knowledge of CNC hand-board model manufacture
    The necessity of CNC hand-board model:
    1. To test design;
    2. Test structure design;
    3. Avoid directly open the risk of mold;
    4. Make the product available time greatly in advance
    What is the standard?
    's plate is also called the first board, rapid prototyping, or a mockup, after the designer complete product design need not open mold, we according to the product appearance or structural drawings with the real one or a few products of the same used to check the appearance, structure is reasonable or market research sample, this is the hand.
    CNC hand-board model manufacture process:
    Hand - use physical performance design, make a design more specific intuitive, creative process, creative products!No matter how advanced machinery and equipment, hand always cannot leave the fine manual processing;Advanced software can simulate the very realistic product figure, but not standard simulation, but the real performance design.Can be any defects and defects in the product development and make up for the prophase of improved, make the product before the open mold has a mature design, reduce the risk of product development.
    The production of the new products hand action mainly include the following:
    (1) to make the designed product more visually displayed in front of the designer, easy to find the deficiencies and defects in the design of, extend the designers idea;
    (2) to facilitate the engineer found the structure of the product engineering, process problems, propose solutions, optimize product structure and function;
    (3) open the template also can be used for reference to production mold, the mold manufacturing more accurate and faster, shorten the development cycle, winning advantage for the product seize more market share;
    (4) can be used as an object of the exhibition, trade fair exhibits and saves the cost of development of the enterprise.
    CNC hand-board model making process:
    1) CNC machining can be a relatively high precision product samples, applied materials mainly include ABS, PC, PP, aluminum alloy, etc., often used in making fixture fixture products such as bakelite and aluminum alloy;
    2) vacuum cover mould
    Vacuum cover die out a product model has a certain ratio of shrink, vacuum with the product sample cost in general will be relatively low CNC, the CNC machining multiple sample price is 1 set of CNC processing after the vacuum of mould of low price (to cover die out of sample materials have special requirements except);
    Through the vacuum of mould technology can have two purposes:
    A) for the product samples of small batch production;
    B) change material;Can be passed by the example of gypsum clay sculpture mold change, easy to subsequent processing of PU or POLY real material, or the ABS material change for material with special requirements (such as transparency, high temperature resistant, high strength, or rubber properties, etc.).
    3) surface treatment
    After many years of accumulation, we have been in the handling of planks are abundant comprehensive technology, including painting (light, matt, metallic paint, rubber paint, paint, etc.), sand blasting, polishing, plating, vacuum plating, water plating), hot stamping and so on.
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