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Benefits cnc cnc prototype model making process and making hand model-Dongguan Foxron Precision Metal Parts Co., Ltd.


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Benefits cnc cnc prototype model making process and making hand model

Source:Dongguan Foxron Precision Metal Parts Co., Ltd.Update:2013-12-31

    CNC hand-board model manufacture process and the benefits of CNC hand-board model manufacture
    The advantage of the CNC hand-board model:
    (1) test designs
    (2) the test structure design
    (3) to avoid the risk of open mould directly
    (4) make the products available time greatly hand is not only a visual ahead of time, and can be touch, he can be very intuitive to the physical form to reflect the designer's ideas, to avoid the "draw out good-looking and do not look good".
    So standard in new product development, product shape the process of scrutiny is necessary.Because hand can be assembled, so it can directly reflect the structure of reasonable or not, the ease of installation.To facilitate the early detection and solve problems.Due to the cost of the mould manufacturing generally high, larger worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of mould, if found in the process of open mould structure is not reasonable or other problems, the loss.While standard can avoid the damage, reduce the risk of open mode.Due to the advanced standard, can be developed in the mold before you use standard for product promotion, and sales, production preparation work, occupy the market as early as possible.
    Hand-board model manufacture process: (grinding, painting, printing, etc.), hand model making is a kind of traditional, to divide the blank parts of the excess material cutting off to get the prototype of the required a way of processing.From a technical point of view, is a comprehensive rapid prototyping computer aided design (CAD), computer aided manufacturing (CAM), computer numerical control (CNC), and other advanced technology, the computer consisting of 3 d model on CNC CNC machining center by the whole piece of material mining and become a kind of machining method.In panel industry, CNC processing general shell structure for some larger workpiece and solid plate appearance, its processing material widely, also can do some components for functional test.
    The advantage of hand-board model:
    A direct use of engineering plastic, material cost, wide range of material selection
    B machine equipment stable performance, simple operation
    C parts can be appropriately decomposition
    D is particularly suitable for processing large size and structure of simpler components.
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