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[2013-12-31]· What is the process of making polished stainless steel hand modeling approach?
Stainless steel hand-board model after grinding method of the production process General appearance of the product, ask surface processing to finished product to close as far as possible, to examine the effects of the appearance.Often have the appearance of the handle has burnish, grey, polishing, coloring, screen pr..
[2013-12-31]· CNC prototype model making process has four stages which?
CNC hand-board model manufacture process four processing stages Parts requiring precision and surface roughness, often cant be finished in one process, which is divided into several stages to carry on the processing. 1. CNC hand-board model manufacture process four processing stages (1) rough machining stage.Roug..
[2013-12-31]· What are the adverse effects of machining operation tool?
What bad operation will affect the cutting tool machining? It is understood that the current situation facing the machine tool industry is relatively serious, explosive growth wont continue for many years, the market demand growth slowed, improve the quality and the pursuit of connotative growth is Chinas industriali..
[2013-12-31]· What appears sand casting and trachoma prevention measures?
Casting sand inclusion and the reasons of sand holes, deoxidization in sand mould is not clean, there are residual gravel.In is in the process of casting, because the liquid iron scouring sprue wall caused by the sand. In the resin sand molding, sodium silicate sand molding, although the modelling of two kinds of str..
[2013-12-31]· Master is how to deal with CNC machining centers abnormal current alarm?
Master is how to deal with the abnormal current CNC machining center alarm (HCAL red light), experience and methods is the following Servo unit of 185 v ac after rectifying into dc 300 v, dc side one dc current detecting resistor, if there is a short circuit, the produce the alarm immediately. If it is has been, ca..
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