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What are the adverse effects of machining operation tool?


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What are the adverse effects of machining operation tool?

    What bad operation will affect the cutting tool machining?
    It is understood that the current situation facing the machine tool industry is relatively serious, explosive growth won't continue for many years, the market demand growth slowed, improve the quality and the pursuit of connotative growth is China's industrialization process of CNC machining parts of an inevitable process, this will force the machine tool enterprises to chang huaikang heart of apprehension, think out the solution and action.China's machine tool industry time has come for a change, the adjustment of industry structure and product file, it is imperative to upgrade, powered by scientific and technological innovation, vigorously improve the high-grade CNC machine tool market competitiveness is the core of China's machine tool industry the current task.
    Machining of parts processing was done according to beforehand programmed procedure automatically, keyboard, in addition to the operators, loading and unloading workpieces in the middle of the key working procedure of lathe operation of testing and observation, don't need to do a multifarious repetitive manual operation, can greatly reduce the labor intensity and tension.In addition, the numerical control lathe processing usually has better security protection, automatic chip removal and automatic cooling and automatic lubricating device, etc.
    In order to realize the numerical control of the various components and the high speed machining, machine tool needs to have the following requirements: first, because the CNC numerical control lathe processing mould is developing towards large scale, so the machine of the quality of the work surface must be large enough to bear enough;The second;Now the share is more and more big, the high speed cutting mould in order to adapt to the mold processing, tool radius should be less than the minimum radius of circular, because the cutter diameter is small, with respect to requirement of machine tool spindle speed is very high;Third, in order to achieve the mold of 3 d surface of high precision, high speed and high stability of the processing, machine tool requires multi-axis linkage, and should have good cutting ability
    For all the applications in the mold processing, attention must also have some further consideration.For example must keep in mind the spindle in the increase of cutting speed at the same time to improve the feed rate.This makes the small diameter cutter can used for rough machining can also be used to finish machining, at the same time to obtain the same or better productivity, and promised to get closer to the approximation of the final shape.Based on choosing the right tool rod design, tool balance to prevent excessive vibration and thus can also on the tool life, surface finish, dimensional accuracy and even beat spindle have a bad effect of cutting tool life is important.
    Open mechanical processing are used at the top of the adjusting bolt clockwise budge, make spring elastic retraction, the pilot valve diaphragm dent, forces acting on the pilot valve connecting rod, a channel valve downward displacement.After the pilot valve opens, the upstream a cavity of the steam into the steam pipe sections through the alpha channel (steam supply channel adjustment), through the pilot valve into the pilot valve steam ring cavity, and directly by the beta channel to the piston cylinder cavity.
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