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CNC prototype model making process has four stages which?


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CNC prototype model making process has four stages which?

    CNC hand-board model manufacture process four processing stages
    Parts requiring precision and surface roughness, often can't be finished in one process, which is divided into several stages to carry on the processing.
    1. CNC hand-board model manufacture process four processing stages
    (1) rough machining stage.Rough machining is mainly to remove most of the machining allowance on the surface, the blank shape and size is close to finished products.This phase is the use of the characteristics of high power machine, choose larger cutting with children, as far as possible to improve productivity and reduce tool wear, etc.
    (2) half finishing stage.Semi-finishing is done on the surface of the secondary processing and preparation for the main surface finishing.
    (3) the stage of finishing.The major surface finishing is to ensure that meet the design requirements of processing.
    (4) finishing processing stages.Finishing machining is on the surface of the high surface roughness and machining accuracy requirements, finishing processing is also required.This stage generally cannot be used to improve the position precision of the parts.
It should be pointed out that the processing stage division is in terms of the whole process of parts processing, not to a surface processing or a process to determine the nature of.In the practical application at the same time, also can not absolute, for some heavy duty parts or allowance for small parts, precision is not high, can be completed after a clamping surface rough finish machining.
    2. Divide the CNC hand-board model manufacture processing stages
    (1) to ensure the quality of machining.Artifacts after rough machining, due to large machining allowance, by cutting force, clamping force is bigger also, will cause large deformation and internal stress redistribution.Carry on the processing, such as both coarse and fine stage, to restore, the deformation will affect the machining accuracy.And divided after processing stage, can gradually restore and correction deformation, improve the quality of machining.
    (2) to facilitate the rational use of equipment.Rough machining require the use of good rigidity, high efficiency and low accuracy of machine tools, finishing the requirements of high precision machine tool.Division after processing stage, can avoid to hard working, give full play to the performance of the machine, prolong the service life of the machine tool.
    (3) easy to arrange heat treatment process and inspection process.Like after the rough machining stage, want to arrange to stress of heat treatment, to eliminate internal stress.Some parts finishing should be arranged before the final heat treatment such as quenching, its deformation can be eliminated by finishing shall be.
    (4) facilitate the machined surface defects and avoid damage have been found in a timely manner.Blank after rough machining stage, defect that has been exposed, can be found in time and processing.In the end, at the same time, the finishing process can avoid the processed surface damage in handling and clamping.
    CNC hand-board process four processing stage, CNC hand-board model in forming parts processing route, this principle generally should follow the division of processing stage, but specific application should be flexible when processing.For some elaboration blank, for example, low machining accuracy and rigidity and good parts, but don't have to divide the processing stage.And as for some rigid good heavy parts, due to the hoisting difficult, often do not divide processing stages after a clamping completed rough finish machining.
    Processing stage is divided into for parts of the process routes of the for the whole process, from a surface processing or the nature of a process to determine.For some positioning base, for example, in semi-finishing and roughing stage is complete and not on the finishing stage.
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