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What is the process of making polished stainless steel hand modeling approach?


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What is the process of making polished stainless steel hand modeling approach?

    Stainless steel hand-board model after grinding method of the production process
    General appearance of the product, ask surface processing to finished product to close as far as possible, to examine the effects of the appearance.Often have the appearance of the handle has burnish, grey, polishing, coloring, screen printing, electroplating flocking and so on.Stainless steel hand-board model manufacture craft post-processing method in general can be divided into wet polishing, mechanical grinding and dry grinding three kinds:
    (1) mechanical polishing: in construction of large area, in order to improve the work efficiency, mechanical polishing method can be used, such as electric grinding machine disc type and vibrating.
    (2) dry grinding: use sand paper to grind.Suitable for hard and brittle lacquer kind of grinding, the downside is operation process will produce a lot of dust, affect the environment health.
    (3) wet grinding: water sandpaper dipped in water or suds burnish.Water can reduce the grinding crack, and improve the smoothness of coating, sand paper, energy saving and province.But should pay attention to after water spray paint, the lower one is completely dry before they can apply the lower water layer such as paint, or paint layer easily.Another strong water imbibition substrate is unfavorable also water.
    There is a special kind of polishing method: coating would require is "light" grinding, such as the sealing paint, after the local repair, etc., should choose relatively fine sandpaper and skilled at this time, instead, would be counterproductive.
    Grinding time should notice the problem, first is the need to use very thick sand paper for rough machining.Remove the surface of the layer is very thick grinding burrs before the appearance of fine lines.Abrasive paper can be divided into 800100, and so on different levels.Then according to the requirement of the product on the surface of different degree of finish!A polishing, spray a layer of by atomic ash, can enlarge the product surface roughness.That can be achieved with the naked eye can see flaws.Finally can be focused on local correction, until a product finishing all the grinding process.
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