Focusing on precision metal parts manufacturing


Precision metal processing

by:Foxron     2021-09-22
I talked about the processing of medical equipment hardware. Although it has higher requirements, it is not called precision hardware.

   The so-called precision hardware refers to the hardware processing category that requires high precision in the hardware industry. The word 'precision' generally refers to tolerance requirements within 0.05mm, and strict requirements on the size of hardware, including precision plastic hardware, precision stamping hardware, precision turning hardware, etc., which are commonly used in electronics, clocks, aviation, etc. Very strict industry.

   During precision metal processing, the material will be cut according to the production needs. For example, some relatively small parts can be produced by punching machines, and then gong cutting or CNC processing can be carried out. This is more in the production of glasses accessories and auto parts. Careful and meticulous care must be taken during the whole series of processing on the entire production line from mold blanks to mold building to product processing, so that it is worthy of the word 'precision'.
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