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Reasons and solutions for the deterioration of precision electronic components processing

by:Foxron     2021-09-21
There are precision requirements in the processing of precision electronic components. It is found that the processing accuracy of parts has deteriorated during testing. Such products are likely to become unqualified products. Therefore, how to ensure the accuracy of precision electronic components processing is particularly important. Say, why does its machining accuracy become worse?

   In fact, the poor accuracy in the processing of precision electronic components is largely due to the fact that the dynamic tracking error of the feed between each axis has not been adjusted when the equipment is installed and adjusted, or because the machine tool is worn out after the use of the machine. There has been a change. In this case, it can be solved by re-adjusting and modifying the clearance compensation amount.

   In addition, when the two-axis linkage of precision electronic component processing equipment is affected by factors such as the axial deformation of the circle and the oblique ellipse error, the machining accuracy of the parts will also deteriorate. Among them, the deformation may be caused by the machine not being adjusted properly, and the oblique ellipse error needs to check the position deviation value of each axis first, if the deviation is too large, the position loop gain can be adjusted to eliminate it.

   Of course, if the machine tool is overshooting, it will also cause poor machining accuracy. For example, if the acceleration and deceleration time is too short, the speed change time can be extended appropriately, or the connection between the servo motor and the lead screw may be loose Or the rigidity is too poor, you can appropriately reduce the gain of the position loop.
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