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There are several main advantages in the processing of aluminum alloy processed parts

by:Foxron     2021-11-07
The machining process of aluminum profile machining parts can separate rough machining and finishing machining. Carry out rough machining and then heat treatment to fully release the cutting stress and residual stress of the machined parts. Further processing can greatly improve the processing accuracy of aluminum profile processed parts. 1. Reduce the impact of processing stress on aluminum alloy deformation. The heat treatment process after rough machining can greatly reduce the influence of stress on finishing.  2. Improve the precision and surface quality of aluminum profile processed parts. After the heat treatment, the finishing treatment is carried out. Since the finishing process improves the processing accuracy on the basis of the rough processing, the processing volume is relatively small, and the deformation stress caused is also small, so the quality of the aluminum processing parts can be greatly improved.  3. Improve production efficiency. Since rough machining only needs to reserve enough machining allowance for finishing, there is no need to consider too much dimensional tolerance issues. It can effectively improve the processing efficiency of various machine tools.  
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