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Any promotion team established by Foxron in foreign countries?
With no offices set up in overseas countries, Foxron precision metal parts co.,ltd has no promotion team, either. In order to expand our overseas business, we have done quite a lot. On many social media popular in foreign countries like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, we have opened our account to introduce our company info and update our information. Once we have newly-launched products, customers who have been following us will see the news immediately. Our sales team is professional and experienced. They have successfully developed several overseas markets by virtue of our existing customer base and wise marketing strategies.

As a professional manufacturer for forging parts, Foxron insists on high quality. The forging parts series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. In terms of the design, the metal stamping parts is very competitive. This product has a smooth and accurate surface. Foxron realized comprehensive utilization of resources, creating wealth for the customers. This product is made to sustain the toughest industrial applications.

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