Focusing on precision metal parts manufacturing


Hunting for custom machined parts? Here is to provide you with custom CNC parts, as a professional precision components company, not only does Foxron precision metal parts co.,ltd, have precision machining parts for global customers to select the one they are in the market for, to top it off, in a bit to serve for our customers to the best, Foxron offers custom machining services for any CNC machined parts that customers are in need of, we have professional service team and fully-armed facility for our customers' requirements.

Our advantage

Foxron is a professional manufacturer, it mainly produces CNC machined parts, heat sink, aluminum housing, aluminum panel, etc since 2006.
We has more than 150 precision machining equipment that can be used for CNC milling, turning, drilling, tapping, etc.
Foxron is a professional manufacturer with vertically integrated manufacturing processes. Including CNC milling ,turning, forging , stamping , die casting , polishing , stand blasting , anodizing , printing , laser etching, etc.
Foxron has 2 sets of automatic CMM, 2 sets of automatic projectors, micrometers, color meter and other advanced test equipment.
Foxron has passed the international ISO9001 quality system certification. All materials are compliant with RoHS and Reach.
A professional service team provides 24-hour service to customers. We adhere to the "customer first" business philosophy, to provide customers with high efficiency, high quality service.

  Analyzing the technical requirements and quality requirements of the product.

Foxron specializes in the production of CNC machined parts for more than 13 years. We have a professional team of engineers to provide customers with the best service. Engineers accurately analyze the technical and quality requirements of the product, effectively avoid production problems and improve production efficiency.

  Determining the key manufacturing processes. 

Foxron engineers use professional computer software to determine the key manufactuiring processes of products. 

Customization Steps

  Determining the material specification.

  Detailed Manufacturing processes review.

  Evaluating each process ability and capability.

  Identifying the machines, fixtures and tools required for each process.

  Identifying the inspection method and gauges required for each process.

  Mass production plan and control.

  Final check.



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