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Searching for CNC machined parts? Foxron precision metal parts co.,ltd is a professional precision components manufacturer with vertically integrated manufacturing processes focuses on OEM service. Foxron provides diversified choices for customers. The product receives favors from the majority of customers for the high quality and favorable price.Excellent staff is the core part of a company. Nowadays, we have people staffed in several departments including design, R&D with excellent technicians and senior experts in the production, and after-sales department.

Foxron is a professional manufacturer of precision metal products, it mainly produces CNC machined parts, precision hardware, turned parts, heat sinks,aluminum panels, aluminum housing, die casting parts etc since 2006.
We have more than 200 precision production equipment, including 120 sets of CNC centers, 60 sets of four-axis machines, 4 sets of five-axis machines, and 10 sets of CNC lathes. These precision machining equipment that can be used for CNC milling, turning, drilling, tapping, etc.
Foxron is a professional manufacturer with vertically integrated manufacturing processes. Including CNC milling ,turning, forging , stamping , die casting , polishing , stand blasting , anodizing , printing , laser etching, etc.
Foxron has 2 sets of automatic CMM, 2 sets of automatic projectors, micrometers, color meter and other advanced test equipment.
Foxron has passed the international ISO9001 quality system certification. All materials are compliant with RoHS and Reach.
A professional service team provides 24-hour service to customers. We adhere to the "customer first" business philosophy, to provide customers with high efficiency, high quality service.

OEM service

As a professional cnc parts manufacturer, Foxron offers professional custom machining services. We will provide the manpower and material resources according to our customers’ requirements.The step of the precision metal parts  customization  is mainly as follows:

Clean code

Analyzing the technical requirements and quality requirements of the product .

Clean code

Determining the key manufacturing processes. 

Clean code

Determining the material specification.

Clean code

Detailed Manufacturing processes review.

Clean code

Evaluating each process ability and capability.

Clean code

Identifying the machines, fixtures and tools required for each process.

Clean code

Identifying the inspection method and gauges required for each process.

Clean code

Mass production plan and control.

Clean code

Final check.

Clean code


More than 150 sets of advanced machines to meet your production needs. Consult our professional team immediately to provide you with the best solution.

About us

Foxron Precision Metal Parts Co,.Ltd is a professional manufacturer of precision metal products, focusing on OEM service. 

Foxron was established in March, 2006, which located in the center of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area with excellent location and convenient transportation.

With years experience in production and service, Foxron has become a production and service company including two main services: CNC precision machining and anodizing. It has more than 200 employees and production area of 15,000 square meters.

Foxron mainly develops and produces CNC machined parts, precision hardware, turned parts, aluminum panels, heat sinks, forged parts, die casting parts and etc, which are used in computers, telecom equipment, household appliances, automotive electronics, drones, robots and automation, security and medical devices.

  • CNC machined workshop
    CNC machined workshop
  • CNC machines
    CNC machines
  • CNC machined workshop
    CNC machined workshop
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    CNC machined process
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    Auto CMM
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    Auto standblasting machines
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    Polishing workshop
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    Finnal inspection workshop


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