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How did Foxron design small turned parts ?
The design process of turned parts can be finished through 4 steps. Concept developing and product design planning come first. Our designers and technicians work together for the expected product performance and appearance design. The detailed design process comes next. Based on the results of the discussion, our designers should consider the materials processing, target application fields, and user experience comprehensively when conducting the product design rather than focusing on the product shapes, colors, and specifications only. Then, designers will deliver the product drawings or sketches to every department of our company for feedback collecting. The last step is the final confirmation. After reaching a mutual agreement on the product design between customers and us, the product design process is finished and the sample will be made based on the design sketches.

Foxron precision metal parts co.,ltd shows great professionalism in manufacturing cnc turning parts. The aluminum enclosures series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Foxron considers the development of automobile parts from the perspective of green design. Its high strength ensures its long durability. Foxron will offer clear and detailed video guidance to customers for our die casting parts. It is manufactured using a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum, and plastic.

With medical parts manufacturing being its service ideology, Foxron provides medical parts manufacturing. Get quote!
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