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Is sheet metal stamping parts tested before shipment?
At Foxron precision metal parts co.,ltd, the products have to go through a series of quality inspection and performance testing before being delivered to customers. Only those meet our strict quality standards, as well as customers’ requirements, will be delivered to our customers. In addition to the strict quality inspections conducted by our in-house QC experts, we also welcome the inspection of the third party if needed. Maintaining outstanding quality is our top priority. You can buy from us with confidence. We ensure zero-defect quality and long-lasting product performance.

Foxron is renowned for its capability in the die casting parts's production and R&D. The aluminium extrusion series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. The product is nearly free of porosity. Fired at a high temperature above 1260°C, its body will vitrify, hence the surface will be nonabsorbent. This product features complex internal features like spherical cavities and deep grooves. Foxron has a brand advantage and excellent channel development capabilities. This product has no sharp edges, featuring enough safety.

Foxron has established the service notion of aluminium die casting. Please contact us!
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