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What about the exports of Foxron in recent years?
The exports of Foxron precision metal parts co.,ltd have been a delightful outcome in the annual report of the company. From the data recorded, we have set up more sales outlets in some countries, gaining remarkable sales volume from overseas customers. Considering the exciting result of the export business, we decide to invest more in the expansion of sales networks to facilitate the export business in more countries or regions. Of course, we will also notice about the risk of opening more sales outlets and make full preparation through market investigation.

Foxron has its independent production base to manufacture precision metal parts. The heat sinks series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Exquisite craftsmanship with aesthetic and elegant design style is a promise on cnc turning parts. This product can perfectly match up to other parts or machines. Foxron will maintain the efficient operation of the organization and management system under normal conditions. This product is resistant to strong chemicals such as petroleum, diesel, and pesticides.

Foxron has established the service theory of aluminium die casting. Get an offer!
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