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What are main products to Foxron?
The main product - aluminium products from Foxron precision metal parts co.,ltd is characterized by ISO9001. It is fabricated with the best materials and components. Because of our outstanding manufacturing ability, dependable QC testing procedures, and adequate production capability, our company might always guarantee perfect results for orders for this product and timely delivery to our customers.

Under steady development, Foxron has been world widely recognized. The precision metal parts series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. With special design with aluminium die casting, die casting parts is more aluminium die casting. This product features complex internal features like spherical cavities and deep grooves. The product has attractive and bright colors. Treated with thermal dyeing, the coloring agents are thoroughly dissolved and mixed. This product has no sharp edges, featuring enough safety.

Foxron carry forward the goal of cold forged products and conduct a step-by-step cold forged products. Inquire now!
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