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FMS CNC lathe unloading system

by:Foxron     2021-10-02
Automatic loading and unloading manipulators for CNC lathes, also known as CNC manipulators and automatic feeding manipulators, refer to continuous actions such as automatic loading and unloading, automatic clamping, automatic chip blowing, and automatic return of finished workpieces to the silo. Automated equipment replaces manual operation and saves human resources to a large extent. It is a mature product of 'machine substitution'. 1. Mature products of 'machine substitution': CNC lathe manipulators have undergone years of research and development and application tests, and the products have been continuously improved and technological innovations, mature and reliable;    2. High cost performance: achieve large-scale mass production, optimize cost control, and product prices Has good market competitiveness;   3. Personalized customization: The technical team can quickly tailor automation solutions according to users' different product and process requirements;   4. Strong versatility: The material tray and fixture of the manipulator are universal The flexible design not only meets the automated production of 'small variety and large batch' workpieces, but also applies to the application requirements of 'multiple varieties and small batches';    6. Long service life 7. Low maintenance cost The CNC lathe manipulator is mainly composed of hands and motion mechanisms .   Shenzhen CNC lathe processing plant
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