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How to choose a tool for CNC CNC precision parts processing?

by:Foxron     2021-12-01
How to choose a suitable and accurate tool when preparing a workpiece for CNC precision parts processing is a very important content. Secondly, it not only endangers the high efficiency of production and processing, but also endangers the quality of production and processing. The rapid development of CNC machining technology promotes the integration of design, processing, and CNC programming, and the type of tool must also be integrated into the high speed and efficient work of CNC lathes. Tools generally include: face milling cutter, end milling cutter, round nose milling cutter, ball end milling cutter type.

  face milling cutter is mainly used for processing flat and small stepped surfaces on three-dimensional milling machines. The key cutting position of the face milling cutter is on the circular surface or the spherical surface of the electrical equipment of the circular CNC lathe. Production efficiency is high; the rigidity is good, and a large cutting speed can be selected; in addition, there are several cutter teeth participating in drilling, which has good reliability; adopts the rigid tooth structure, the cutter teeth are easy to grind, replace and replace, and have a long life. Face milling cutters are generally used for the production and processing of cemented carbide tool raw materials. The end mill is the most common type of milling cutter in CNC precision parts processing. It looks like a cylindrical surface with a sharp edge. Each blade can be drilled and processed independently for the surface layer. The key is plane cutting, concave groove cutting, step surface cutting and profiling cutting. Generally processing stainless steel raw materials, etc.
  The appearance design of the round nose milling cutter is similar to that of the end milling cutter. The bottom end is designed with a thick bottom. It has good characteristic rigidity, high wear resistance, high processing accuracy, short delivery time, and is commonly used in forming production processing. General production and processing of die steel, alloy steel, etc. The tip part of the tip of the ball end mill is similar to the ball on the CNC lathe, which is generally used to produce the inclined surface, arc, and pipe groove of the workpiece. In general precision parts processing, it is used to produce and process carbon steel, alloy steel, etc. In CNC lathe processing, each production and processing work piece must be produced and processed with different parts and total area pipe grooves, etc. If you want to produce and process to an accurate level, you need to determine which raw materials must be used before production and processing. Tools go to production and processing.
   The above explained is the method of choosing tools for CNC precision parts processing. I hope that reading it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about CNC precision parts processing, please feel free to consult online or Call the company's service hotline (upper right corner of the website) for consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide you with quality service!
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