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Precautions for processing and production of precision metal processing manufacturers

by:Foxron     2021-09-23
The application of precision hardware in our lives can be said to be very wide, ranging from airplanes and automobiles to small keys are all metal stamping parts, but no matter what kind of technical processing, the product will appear defective due to some negligence. At that time, the hardware produced by the precision hardware processing factory may also be different from the actual one.

   So how should precision hardware processing manufacturers avoid these problems in the process of hardware processing? Below, Zhongrui Electronics will introduce to you:

   1. There are scratches on the hardware: the main reason for the scratches on the parts is that there are sharp scars on the mold or metal dust falling into the mold. The preventive measures are grinding the scars on the mold and removing the metal Dust;

  2, the bottom of the part is cracked: the main reason for the bottom of the part is that the plasticity of the material is poor or the mold blank holder is too tight. The preventive measures are to replace the material with better plasticity or loosen the blank holder;

  3. Wrinkles on the side wall of the part: The main reason for the wrinkle on the side wall of the part is that the thickness of the material is not enough or the upper and lower molds are installed eccentrically, resulting in a large gap on one side and a small gap on the other side. The preventive measure is immediate replacement Material and readjust the mold.

   The above are the issues that precision hardware processing manufacturers need to pay attention to in the process of hardware processing. First, I will introduce to you here. I hope everyone will pay attention to these points when processing hardware.
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