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Reasons for the deterioration of machining accuracy of precision metal processing manufacturers

by:Foxron     2021-09-23
The processing accuracy of precision metal processing manufacturers almost determines the quality of the products. The more precise the hardware parts, the higher the precision requirements. So why do precision metal processing manufacturers sometimes worsen the processing accuracy? The following is Fuyang Zhongrui Electronic Component Factory Answers for everyone:

   The first factor is the poor machining accuracy of the part itself. Generally speaking, if the dynamic error between the shafts is not adjusted properly during installation, or because the shaft transmission chain changes due to wear, the accuracy of the parts will be affected. Generally speaking, the accuracy deviation caused by this type of error can be solved by re-adjusting the compensation amount. If the error is too large or even if an alarm occurs, it is necessary to check the servo motor to see if its speed is too high.

   The second factor is that the overshooting of the precision hardware processing factory's machine tool during operation will also affect the machining accuracy. It may be because the acceleration and deceleration time is too short. Prolong the change time appropriately. Of course, it is also most likely because of the lead screw. The link with the servo motor is loose.

   The third factor is that the roundness caused by the two-axis linkage is out of tolerance, the machine is not adjusted well to form a circular axial deformation, the screw gap compensation of the shaft is incorrect or the shaft positioning is offset, which may cause precision The accuracy of the parts has an impact.
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