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Resistor identification of precision electronic components

by:Foxron     2021-09-21
There are a variety of electronic devices that we use, including resistors, which are based on the resistor body and add a pin at both ends.

   There are many kinds of resistance values u200bu200bof resistors, which can be expressed in various ways, such as digital method, direct calibration method and color calibration method, among which the most widely used is the color calibration method.

The    color code method is to mark the nominal resistance value and allowable deviation on the surface of the resistor with bands or dots of different colors. Most foreign resistors use the color code method. Among them, black-0, brown-1, red-2, orange-3, yellow-4, green-5, blue-6, purple-7, gray-8, white-9, gold-±5%, silver-± 10%, colorless-±20%, different colors represent different meanings. When the resistance is four rings, the last ring must be gold or silver, the first two digits are significant digits, the third digit is the power number, and the fourth digit is the deviation. When the resistance is five loops, the distance between the last loop and the front four loops is relatively large. The first three digits are significant digits, the fourth digit is the power number, and the fifth digit is the deviation.

   If you understand the color code method, you can directly read the resistance of precision electronic components such as resistors, which is very simple and clear.
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